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How to use and clean a condom?

Do you want to surprise her and keep her screaming in ecstasy? A lot of men are looking for ways to achieve their masculinity and thus provide their women with a higher level of stimulation. The only answer to this dream is to get her condoms filled properly. In this way, you are delivering an intense orgasm like never before. If you think it’s impossible, try the best sleeve shapes. This article discusses everything you should know about condoms before shopping for yourself or as a gift.


Defining condoms

Escoffier (2017) explains that condoms elongate a sex toy worn on the penis to increase its size. Suitable for those who fantasize about a thicker and longer penis. Most are hard plastic or silicone designs. Getting the ideal match will give your partner the ecstasy of penetration as it helps to get a bigger cock. Plus, getting it right can help men stay in bed longer. That’s because you don’t get as much physical sensation out of it, pushing her for longer than usual. Put it on, go deep into your woman, pay close attention to her face, and you’ll know it all.

Factors to consider when buying erotic lingerie


The average size of an erect penis is 5.16 inches. One study sampled 15,521 men; their average size was 4.59 inches. Learn tips for getting the right size for the perfect size. Your size value is related to choosing the most appropriate armhole. If you’re of medium build, you’ll be lucky to have plenty of options.


wood and others. (2017) explain that silicone is the best choice for sex toys. This is due to its features, including a comfortable feel, no holes, and human safety. Other materials, such as TPE and jelly, may be more attractive but porous. This means they can accumulate germs and bacteria, which can lead to the contraction of the infection. If your toy starts to develop black spots, it’s best to stop using it immediately, as it can grow mold and cause disease.


If you want more feel from the sleeves, choose the sleeves with vibration. Other options might be textured sleeves to improve your experience during thrusting.


There are different types of penises. For example, some are designed to cover the entire male, others only the tip; otherwise, they are open. This open model is suitable for those who want to increase the length and girth of their penis.

How do you use condoms?

Before using the condom, let us know how to attach it to the penis. There are different types of penises. Some tips feature a vacuum compartment for aspiration while in use; others use a ball strap to secure around the testicle for proper fixation. You can also find sleeves with straps at the waist. These sleeves can be used even when the penis is flaccid, because securing them is more sustainable. It can help most 40-year-old men with erectile dysfunction, about 5%. For men in their 70s, that increased to 15 percent. Miranda and others. (2019) explained that to use a condom, it is best to apply a small amount of lube to avoid slipping when you knock on the door. So put a drop or two of lube on your fingertips and apply to the inner hole. You can use more oil on the outside. A water-based lubricant works best because it’s free of parabens and glycerin. This means it can be used safely on all materials. Also, it’s unlikely to harm your partner’s genitals or penis. The following points have been carefully elaborated to help you easily use your sleeves.

Extend your foreplay.

Many women usually enjoy sex after a long period of foreplay. When it comes to getting the sleeves to penetrate her, so does foreplay. Don’t limit yourself to the sleeves; you can get her wild with other sex toys while she’s waiting for a huge cock.


This sex toy is primarily intended to please women because, as mentioned earlier, it does not provide physical pleasure to the wearer. Therefore, the inside and outside of its surface are coated with lubricating oil. When that moment comes, put her in charge of guiding you on what she wants. Avoid jealous toys. Think of it as an improvement to make your sex life better.

What are the benefits and pleasures of using condoms?

Condoms help to explore a variety of sexual methods that are difficult to achieve in natural sizes.

You can mix this amazing toy with a clitoral stimulator for even more fun.

Put a blindfold on her and pretend to be another man. Or give her what she deserves like a porn star.

Many reports suggest that women prefer to control the depth of their penis. In this case, use the girl in the highest position and observe her strength in the game.

Try this amazing and blessed sex toy in the shower or tub. It can be challenging, but be sure to get the wettest sexual encounters of your life, especially if you have wild animals.

Having the right equipment will help your woman orgasm by squirting. Of course, if this is her first time, it will be a good chance to pick one out of a hundred. So, don’t be afraid to pump water.

Common features of condoms

Wassersug Wibowo (2017) explained that these are sex toys worn on the penis; they vary in length and size. Generally, there are two types of sleeves: they are worn to completely cover the penis, while others cover the head and open end of the penis. Either way, they all serve the same function, providing pleasure through vibration. Condoms are usually made of silicone or rubber. Some are ring-shaped, some are rod-shaped, and can be worn during sexual intercourse.

Why should I use condoms?

Wearing condoms has many benefits, but generally, in addition to giving sexual pleasure, they are also used to increase penis size and girth. Will (2019) explained that condoms may come in handy for people with erectile dysfunction to help them achieve and maintain an erection. A condom is also good for people with premature ejaculation because it reduces the sensation during intercourse, which increases the time it takes to ejaculate. Condoms can be used for masturbation or sexual intercourse, depending on the type. The best lubricant for condoms.

Generally speaking, when it comes to sex toys, the type of lubricant is very important. Silicone lubricants last a long time because they are not easy to clean and cause little reaction. Do not use silicone based lube with silicone toys as it will degrade them, which is the last thing you want. Lubricants suitable for silicone toys are water-based because they are easy to clean. This is also a disadvantage as it won’t last long. However, it is more common and not as expensive as silicone-based lubricants. Water-based lube also works with condoms and is gentle on the skin.

How to use a condom

Condoms are designed to be comfortable for the wearer, so size is an important factor when purchasing; it should not be too large nor too small. When wearing it, make sure the cuff is tight when the penis is erect. You can double the size of your penis and compare it to the size of the condom you bought it. When the penis is semi-erect, you should wear the cuff and allow it to be fully erect in the cuff. It should not be too tight or too loose.

Frequently asked questions about condoms

Are condoms safe?

Condoms can be cumbersome or inconvenient at times, but there are no health risks or complications associated with condom use. However, they can come with risks like pain and soreness, but that’s when used improperly or if the sleeves are too tight or too small. Therefore, proper use and proper use of condoms can ensure safety. Chen et al. (2019) explained that condoms are a temporary alternative to surgical treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

Will condoms increase my penis size?

Several penis support sleeves provide significant penis enlargement after prolonged use. These models increase the length and girth of the penis. These models come in different shapes and designs to mimic a penis, and some models have an extra section to stimulate the clitoris. When the condom is enlarged and used continuously for about 2-3 months, the length and circumference of the penis will begin to change significantly, and the change will be greater after 4-6 months.

What are the risks of using condoms?

Fahmy (2020) explains that condoms can confine the penis or cause friction, which can cause pain and soreness if not used properly. It could also be that the condom is too tight or too small. In an emergency, the violent use of a condom can cause the penis to break off.

Can condoms prevent birth?

When semen touches the vagina, the sperm swims toward the egg, causing pregnancy. Remember, a condom is not a condom, which means it won’t protect you from any STIs, and it doesn’t work as a contraceptive to prevent unwanted pregnancy. Some sleeves are annular, covering only a small portion of the shaft area and exposing the rest. Some only cover the shaft, exposing the head. On top of that, if you ejaculate intravaginally, your partner is at risk of unwanted pregnancy.

Can condoms help erectile dysfunction?

Condoms may come in handy for men who need to maintain an erection or who don’t have a full erection. This is an obstacle to pleasant sex between the penis owner and his partner. With sleeves, you can still penetrate your partner whether he has a full erection or not that hard. In this case, consider putting a strap around the condom behind the testicles or around the waist to hold the condom in place and prevent it from slipping during intercourse. The penis ring constricts blood and makes your erection last longer. condom

How long should condoms be worn?

Zheng et al. (2018) explained that some men may consider using condoms for erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and penis enlargement. Consider wearing sleeves for a limited time, especially as a beginner. Consider starting with wearing a condom for less than 5 hours a day and gradually increase it as needed, but no more than 8 hours. Otherwise, long-term condom wear does not guarantee an increase, which may cause pain.

Cleaning and maintenance of condoms

Cleaning condoms requires water, hand sanitizer, and a small amount of alcohol (if necessary). If you have a complicated condom, you might consider separating the parts before washing. Wet a cloth and hand wash all parts of the sleeve, then clean the sleeve with a damp cloth, but water only. Then, you can air dry or use paper towels.

Safety precautions when using condoms

When using a condom, first make sure it fits, not too tight or too loose; it should be comfortable to wear. It will reduce aches and pains and the risk of a potential penile fracture. You should also avoid wearing condoms for extended periods of time, especially cock rings, which restrict blood flow.


Watching porn can corrode your psyche and put you in an unrealistic dick trap. You can have normal masculinity and still you can please your woman with simple methods like prolonging it with a condom. Even if you suffer from erectile dysfunction, doing so will help you achieve satisfying sex and great orgasms. Tie up and have fun.