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What you need to know about waxing while using a sex toy

People always tell you not to play with fire, but no one mentions hot wax! Sexy, sexy, and a little adventurous – waxing is sure to heat up your heat! Waxing is a classic BDSM activity that falls under the temperature game category, but that doesn’t mean it’s necessarily pain-related, unless you’re looking for it! The thrill of hot wax dripping onto your skin and slowly hardening is an amazing tool for improving physical and mental arousal and igniting the senses.

What are the wax figures playing?

Waxing involves dripping or pouring melted wax on your partner’s skin to stimulate libido. It can range from a more emotional hot oil massage to wax bomb BDSM. It brings more heat and pleasant pain, depending on the type of candle you use, but more on that below.

Why try to play with wax figures?

As I mentioned earlier, the game of waxing can excite the mind and body, leading to a state of high excitement, which is very exciting and enjoyable. Here are some popular benefits of waxing

The slightly adventurous nature of the wax figure game can be stimulating, and this stimulating urge translates into arousal.

The hot wax hitting your skin creates a delicious warmth or burn.

Heat increases blood flow and increases sensitivity.

It makes your senses hyper-alert, which amplifies other senses as well.

Hot wax can create some stunning artwork on your skin.

Trying new things with your partner can increase intimacy and add some excitement to your sexuality.

How to wax?

Time for some fun stuff! Like any new sexual activity, it’s best to start softly and increase the intensity as you progress, and always communicate clearly with your partner.

Light a candle of your choice and let it burn until some of the wax melts. Massage the candle, burning the candle until there is a layer of liquid wax on top of the candle.

Blow out the flames.

Test the wax on your own skin to measure how hot it is to test your partner so they know what to expect.

Be sure to start with less sensitive areas such as the back, shoulders, and arms.

Drip wax from high enough to cool on the way down, but not so high that it splatters – start at about 15 to 20 inches and adjust as needed.

Give your partner time to get used to the feeling, then move on to more sensitive areas, like the inner thighs or tummy, if they so desire.

Try different sensations, such as waxing or waxing or blowing, to let it cool faster.

When you’re ready to clean up, you have a few options. First you can scrape the wax with a dull (very dull) knife or a credit card. Some people really enjoy this feeling! You can also peel off the wax with your fingers.

Don’t forget to care about aftercare! Some specific ideas for waxing include taking a hot bath or tub followed by a little lotion or aloe vera to soothe the skin.


Playing with wax does have some risks – after all you are playing with fire and hot wax! Whenever playing a higher stakes game, it is essential to educate yourself about the risks involved, so you know what you agree to, how to limit the risks, and what to do if you have problems. The BDSM community uses the first letter to abbreviate the importance of this to emphasize the importance of this. Here are some simple safety guidelines to help you stay safe.

Prepare a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit. If you do get a burn, use a cold compress, but avoid very cold water or ice.

Keep loose fabrics away from candle flames.

Always test the temperature of the wax.

Do not drip wax near the eyes, face, head, or genitals.